Sometimes I get the impression that life itself is full of sweet surprises.

My friends and I, we met one evening for tea, as we often do. We let a week go by together, laughing, simply relaxing with each other.
I always enjoy placing a few little things on the table. Some cheese, a few nibbles. In my presence there must always be something sweet too - I adore white nougat!
That's how I like it best when I have visitors over.
Everyone gets to taste something new, tries it, nibbles, and enjoys.
I still had leftover almonds from my last trip that evening. And a few pistachios.
I think it's something of a special quirk: other people shop for clothes, I return with nuts as souvenirs.
My friends already know this.
And in the presence nuts and nougat suddenly an idea was born.

What if we could make this way of coming together available for others too?

And what can I say?
There was Nosh-Nosh.
Born that night, out of that bright idea.
An exciting time lies behind us, as I possibly can't buy all the nuts myself anymore. We have looked for partners all over the world who understand precisely what we value and support us with their high-quality products.
It was of utter importance to me that everyone could take part in the delicious experience. A variety of our chocolates are therefore vegan and gluten-free.
I also love the fact that I don't have to stop my daughter from snacking, because our products contain little to no sugar, and I, as a mother, can easily squint an eye. It fills me with joy that we can enjoy the treats as a family.

My personal recommendation?

A get-together with close friends!
And aside an unforgettable bar of chocolate dissolving in warm milk.

This is my definition of a heavenly day:
Friends, family, and nibbling!