When the universe suddenly solely revolves around aromas, you have reached the Nosh Nosh cosmos.

The sophistication and purity of exquisite products.

Our philosophy is based on the critical revelation that it is much more descriptive to taste than to explain it. Perhaps it was the sun-warmed raspberries that we ate directly from the bush when we were children. Or the gentle care with which our grandmother processed the remaining fruit into jam. In any case, we commenced a journey. On one hand, to collect the best of what nature already provides. And on the other hand, to meet people who create exceptionally flavourful products, paying meticulous attention to detail.

A suitcase full of culinary souvenirs.

If the world is a market hall and our life is a journey, then Nosh Nosh represents our treasure chest of souvenirs. And whenever we open it, the impressions we have collected during our travels reveal themselves: rustling paper, bright colours, the sweet smell of melting chocolate. In between fine nuances that make our senses spark: Is that wild fennel? A rose’s bouquet? We place a Moto Almond on our tongue and sunny warmth gently spreads within us. Because it resides inside the core. All of this is Nosh Nosh.